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Classification Images

(2003) Noise provides some new signals about the spatial vision of amblyopes.

(2005) What is the signal in noise?

(2003 & 2005) "Phase capture"

(2006) The receptive field and internal noise for position acuity change with feature separation.


Detection and Discrimination

(2003) Cross- and iso- oriented surrounds modulate the contrast response function:
The effect of surround contrast.

(2005) "Crowding" in normal and amblyopic vision assessed with Gaussian and Gabor C's.

(2005) Visual resolution: operational definitions with an eye towards historical precedence.

(2006) Separating transducer nonlinearities and multiplicative noise in contrast discrimination.


Perceptual Learning

(2004) Perceptual learning improves efficiency by re-tuning the decision 'template' for position discrimination.

(2004) Perceptual learning in contrast discrimination and the (minimal) role of context
(2005) The essential role of stimulus temporal patterning in enabling perceptual learning.


EEG and Brain Imaging

(2006) Advances in multifocal methods for imaging human brain activity

(2006) Localizing sites of activation in primary visual cortex using visual evoked potentials and functional magnetic resonance imaging


Dualities and Science/Religion Bridge Building

(2006) Order from virtual states: A dialogue on the relevance of quantum theory to religion
(2003) Free will and God in the quantum world
(2005) Yoking three horses (or forces) to change the world.


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