The fourth edition of the Starkfest, the Conference on Vision and Movement in Men and Machines, was held at the School of Optometry of the University of California, Berkeley, on the 27th and 28th of May, 2005, and it was part of the Memorial to Lawrence Stark.

Conference topics (see program) emphasized all those concepts that Lawrence Stark initiated or developed 
and they included:

  • Oculomotor System
  • Scanpath and related Visual Theories
  • Sensorimotor Control
  • Man-Machine Interface
  • Virtual Reality
  • Robotics

The Conference Proceedings was collected in a Technical Memorandum No. UCB/ERL Mo5/18 and published by the Electronic Research Laboratory, of the University of California at Berkeley. A selected number of papers were published, in an extended version, in a special issue of Computer in Biology and Medicine, Volume 37, Issue 7, Pages 897-1050 (July 2007) (Elsevier).


Dr. Claudio Privitera School of Optometry, University of California, Berkeley - Chair
Prof. John Semmlow Biomedical Eng., Rutgers, State University of New Jersey - Program Chair


Conference attendees:


Terry Bahill, Theodore Blackmon, Bruce Bridgeman, Thedore Cohn, Stephen Ellis, Christian Freksa, Gabriel Gauthier, Blake Hannaford, Dom Ho, Yeuk Fai Ho, Robert Kenyon, Stanley Klein, V.V. Krishnan, Steve Lehman, Andy Liu, Elwin Marg, Jeff Mulligan, Glenn Myers, Moon Hyon Nam, Yoonkey Nam, Jeff Oliver, Antonio Pedotti, Eli Peli, Claudio Privitera, Austin Roorda, James Saladin, John Semmlow, Judy Stamps, Frank Tendick, Joe Terdiman, Mitchell Tyler, Shiro Usui, Corina Van De Pol, Atsushi Watanabe, Laurence R. Young, Wolfgang Zangemeister.


Here is the complete video interview of Lawrence Stark appearing on Conversations with History