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Jenny Zhang

Research Interests:

My current research focuses on the psychophysical mechanisms of perceptual learning and crowding in normal and amblyopic vision.


Research Experience

2011 now: Postdoctoral Fellow in Vision Science Program School of Optometry, University of California, Berkeley Advisor: Professor Stanley Klein and Professor Dennis Levi


2009 now: Lecturer, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience & Learning Beijing Normal University



2004 2009: Ph.D. in Neurobiolgy, Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences


2000 2004: B.S. in Special Education, East China Normal University



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Wang, R., Zhang, J.Y., Klein, S. A., Levi, D. M. & Yu, C. Task relevancy and demand modulate double-training enabled transfer of perceptual learning. Vision Research, in press.


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Zhang, J.Y., Zhang, T., Xue, F., Liu, L., & Yu, C. (2009). Legibility of Chinese characters in peripheral vision and the top-down influences on crowding. Vision Research, 49, 44-53.


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Xiao, L.Q.*, Zhang, J.Y.*, Wang, R., Klein, S.A., Levi, D.M., & Yu, C. (2008). Complete transfer of perceptual learning across retinal locations enabled by double training. Current Biology, 18, 1922-1926. (*equal contribution).


Zhang, J.Y., Zhang, T., Xue, F., Liu, L., & Yu, C. (2007). Legibility variations of Chinese characters and implications for visual acuity measurement in Chinese reading population. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 48, 2383-2390.


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Email: zhangjunyun@pku.edu.cn